What We Offer

Car Styling Service

We provide expert car styling service with the best custom auto accessories and techniques.

Full Vinyl Wraps

Full vinyl wraps is a service where we have the ability to change the whole vehicle colour and appearance by applying industry leading products to allow for the best finish and protection for your car as not only does it change the colour but allows a thin sheet to protect the paint from the harsh environment.

Suspension & Airbag

Looking to go a little lower or higher here at Envy We use the best brand in Suspension as monro shock absorbers and king spring to get your car sitting right.

If it’s more of a performance your after we can supply and fit one of the many coilover kits or lift kits depending on your application and budget. Also we offer airbags kits supply and fitted depending on your application and budget.

Complete Chrome Blackouts

Weather you’ve just purchased a car or looking for a sleek and stealthy look here at Envy Motorsport we can provide the black out kit for you from painted badges to complete kits involving grills door handles and window trims we have the package for you.

Carbon Accents

Depending on your requirements we are able to wrap existing parts and components to have the highest gloss and depth to resemble real carbon fiber.

Also, we have the ability to supply and install carbon components such as bonnets, wings and read defuses.

Custom Wheel Lettering

We offer custom lettering for your wheels allowing you to either express yourself or allow your car to have more of that race car feel towards it. All kits are priced individually depending on size and lettering.

Light Tinting

Light tinting is a way to make your car make the colour of your pop, make more stealthy or can be used to black out the reflectors on your car with the high grade tinting film we use which can come in smoked, dark, holographic, coloured and pattern tinting.

Caliper Paint

Brake Caliper colour change is a great way to make your car look more sporty or sleek, we are able paint them or powder coat them depending on your choice.

Custom Interiors

We offer a vast range of options for customising your interior starting with wrapping of existing trim pieces, custom cluster for your speedo or speaker and sub installation.