It’s not just about the graphics on your vehicle wrap; the quality of the vinyl and how it holds up over time are equally crucial.

Vinyl wraps can be maintained if they are kept clean, but they will be damaged by harsh weather, especially during hot summer days. The sun’s heat determines the quality of your car’s wrapping. You can do nothing to keep your car cool in Australia, but we can provide some easy advice to help your vinyl wrap last as long as possible. Vinyl car wraps last a long time and can even protect the paint on your car.

Keep an eye out for dirt and other particles.

The cleaning process for your fidelity film may soon be hindered by the dust and other road debris that your car picked up. Take a few minutes a day to clean your car by taking out the trash.  Your wrap will start to show symptoms of stains if you don’t. These dark stains might not seem a huge concern at first, but they will permanently damage your car wrap if allowed to set in.

Keep your car out of direct sunlight.

Sun’s extreme temps will fade your car wrap’s colour and cause it to turn yellow, shrink, and crack, requiring more costly replacement. Avoiding the sun is next to impossible while driving, but you should park in the shade when you’re not on the road.

Even though it will take you a few extra minutes to find a good place to park or a cool place to let your car rest, UV light won’t damage the protective film on your car.

Avoid automatic washers

You should use the two-bucket method when washing your automobile because it is the most effective way to eliminate contaminants, including dirt, debris, and bird excrement. The automatic car washes at the gas station are NOT safe for your vehicle. The brushes can’t be used because of their spiky bristles.

There is also the possibility that the water jet’s pressure is too great and damages the wrapping. If you insist on doing this, it is best to find out from the shop or vinyl wrap manufacturer what the ideal PSI is.